Our latest short film, “Boxes Boxes Boxes” was a 2022 festival darling! Congrats to our small and mighty team! We are swimming in accolades: 

Oregon Short Film Festival – BEST COMEDY FILM WINNER (2022)
Austin Comedy Film Festival – BEST COMEDY FILM FINALIST (2022)
Portland Comedy Film Festival – BEST DIRECTOR WINNER (Spring 2022)
Portland Comedy Film Festival – BEST ENSEMBLE CAST FINALIST (Winter 2022)
Global Film Festival Awards – BEST EXPERIMENTAL SHORT FILM (2022)
LACA: Los Angeles Cinematography Awards – BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM (2022)
Philadelphia Independent Film Festival – OFFICIAL SELECTION (2022)
Global Shorts Film Festival – BEST SHORT FILM FINALIST (2022)


During quarantine, in early 2020, Unimaginary Friend shot and produced a series of music video parodies for the digital “Live From The Bunker” concert series. You can watch all of the videos here and enjoy some stills below.


The Aerobitards sweep film festivals around the country! In case you haven’t heard by now, Aerobitards is scientifically proven and designed method of living life at a level never before seen on this planet. The key to the success of this program is in its specially-engineered apparel: The Aerobitard! Welcome to the upper 1% of the upper 1% of the Human Race, where nothing less than all-consuming devotion is tolerated.


The Aerobitards are now live on Instagram and Facebook…check us out! Aerobitards was a passion project that our team had been developing for several years. On the surface level, Aerobitards is a parody of a fitness program infomercial. But as you go deeper, you will discover a whole cultish world that lies beneath. Head writer of Aerobitards, David Monster, is an ex-Scientologist. Through his detailed descriptions of his experience in the church, we became very inspired to utilize some of the same intensity and strategies with which this infamous organization operates, to create something completely original.

Yes, And I Do! premiered at the LA Scripted Comedy Festival hosted by iO West in Hollywood, where it won the top prize against many other impressive films. It also went on to screen at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival where the team got to rub shoulders with Jane Lynch after she was honored with a lifetime achievement award. This short piece, poking fun at the comedy improv community, also won “Best Micro Short” at the Austin Short Comedy Film Festival, was honored as a Global Shorts Winner, and had a digital screening at the Fanboy Film Festival. Check out some images from this fun journey below as well as a link to watch the film!


HOLY  MOLY!  Our podcast, the Unimaginary Friendcast has hit 200 Episodes! Listen for FREE on iTunes.  Don’t miss this exceptional conversation with your very own best friends.


We are excited to release a brand new series: Total Trip Domination: You! Edition, an original 7 episode comedy Travel Show Extravaganza! Watch as Mark and Linda, two quirky and under-qualified travel show hosts, explore world destinations selected by fans while on a shoestring budget. Each adventure tests their ineptitude in new and unexpected ways.


Our adorable stop-motion short film, Vandalismo premiered at the LA Scripted Comedy Festival at iO West in Hollywood!  


Our first Unimaginary Friend project, The Crack, premiered Other Venice Film Festival!  The Crack will shatter your artistic sense of reason and tickle your good, whimsical taste. A rift in time? A portal through space? What hides amongst the froth of the waves striking hard on sea side rocks?