Total Trip Domination

Total Trip Domination: You! Edition, is an original 7 episode comedy Travel Show Extravaganza! Watch as Mark and Linda, two quirky and under-qualified travel show hosts, explore world destinations selected by fans while on a shoestring budget. Each adventure tests their ineptitude in new and unexpected ways.

Total Trip Domination is not your average travel show. It takes elements from scripted/improv/reality/comedy styles to create a unique experience for the viewer.  The hosts respect and highlight each unique destination by providing helpful travel tips and tons of stunning visuals, but at the same time keeping a bizarre comedic and playful tone. Part of the fun is that there’s NO CREW and the hosts are on their own in each location with 2 cameras, in charge of filming everything themselves. In the spirit of Survivorman, they set up tripods, or use a Go Pro on a stick to get the perfect shots.